NOR/WAC Cosmo Regular Feature: Sexy vs. Skanky
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12 Responses to "NOR/WAC Cosmo: Sexy vs. Skanky"

  1. Heather Says:

    Wow Andy - those jeans look a little snug. What's Capricorn think about your crossdressing habit??

  2. Marie Says:

    How about if your boyfriend wears your jeans jacket shirtless?

    I wish I kept the picture.

  3. Ben Says:

    Are you dating Joey Lawrence??!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Oh Aubrey. Your regular ragging on her makes me smile.

  5. Maxie Says:

    really? shorts that say cutie on butt???!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    what about short-shorts that say ''naughty''/''sexy'' cos i hve both?!?!

  7. Amy xxoo Says:

    I feel you left something off your list:

    Skanky : Paris Hilton.

    There doesnt need to be a sexy equivalent, i just want all the Cosmo readers to have the above there officially written.

  8. Soda and Candy Says:


    Capricorn is clearly the best girlfriend ever.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Like, dude, dudes. I just found my way over here. This whole concept is hilarious, and thus far its execution is brilliant. The comment winner should also win a print edition of this mock issue. That would be awesome.

    Speaking of which, this comment doesn't enter me in the contest, does it? Because I'd rather have a subscription to ESPN The Magazine. Or Modern Trucker. Okay, maybe not one of those two; I'll let you guess which.

    Anyway, well done, gentlemen.

  10. jen - tsk Says:

    So, where do they sell these removable butt shorts??

  11. Andy Says:

    Heather- Capricorn wasn't sure what to think. But I think the jeans accentuate my butt nicely
    Marie- What in the world is he wearing a jeans jacket for?
    Ben- WHOAH!
    Motown- I'd like to keep her in the public eye.
    Maxie- I was going for least offensive. Any words on the butt means trouble.
    Rambles- Those shorts are fine, as long as you have a chastity belt to prevent the onslaught of horny guys looking for a freebie.
    Amy: She's an assumed skank.
    Soda: I whole-heartedly agree.
    Joshlos: Dude, nice contest idea.... and Cosmo is a nice guilty pleasure, for men or women. They have half-naked chicks in there, too.
    Jen-tsk: At a slutty high school near you. Look for freshmen.

  12. Ms. Salti Says:

    The girlfriend jeans are hawt!

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