NOR/WAC Cosmo Regular Feature: Embarrassing Confessions (click to enlarge)

11 Responses to "NOR/WAC Cosmo: Embarrassing Confessions"

  1. Sid Says:

    Dude I told you that Twilight thing in confidence!!! That's soooo the last time I ever confess anything to you.

  2. Katie Says:

    The Twilight secret is the most mortifying by far! That just blew me away! I blew nose-juice all over my keyboard, monitor and Aunt Irma.

  3. Andy Says:

    Sid- It was bound to be said at some point. People need to know.
    Katie- Tell your aunt Irma it was in the name of comedy. And that she should call me sometime.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Andy, I'm not going to lie, your confession surpasses them all. Perhaps you boys should gather some real embarrassing confessions and do this, then we can attempt guessing which bloggers sent them in...

  5. Ms. Salti Says:

    The chick/dude who hasn't seen Twilight? Total loser.

    Love the confessions!

  6. Jaime | Fast Times Says:

    These are brilliant!

  7. Doniree Says:

    The same pair of panties two days in a row?! HOW MORTIFYING!

  8. Maxie Says:

    I have a feeling edna's gonna receive a call from r kelly any day now.

  9. Kellie Says:

    Oh no. I'm a real loser. I still haven't seen Twilight. But I WANT to! Does that count for anything!?!?!

  10. Ben Says:


  11. Soda and Candy Says:

    Ahahahahahhahahahahaaha, I'm so glad you put that photo again.

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