Hello faithful We Are Cosmo readers-
No, this isn't another WAC post, per se, but I (Wild ARS) wrote a Cosmo-ish post over at Miss Tiff's blog that you might enjoy, so stop over to find out what men really mean.

I figured if you enjoyed We Are Cosmo silliness, you might enjoy that one. If not, blame it on Ben. But don't tell him I said that. He gets angry and then rips his clothes like the Hulk.


2 Responses to "An extra-special Cosmo-ish post"

  1. astraliving Says:

    ah cosmo meaning cosmopolitan.. and i was thinking cosmo readers, astrology?? lol

  2. MODG Says:

    I'm new here and trying to figure this all out but I THINK it's hilarious. I'll let you know.

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