1) Watch. Listen. Learn.

2) Leave a comment with your favourite question/answer combo in order to help me determine who will win the year's subscription to Cosmo magazine.

3) Major apologies to Jen who submitted two hilarious questions. I recorded answers for you then had iMovie trauma and lost it all shortly after midnight and long after my patience for technology crapped out.

This is my final contribution to the We Are Cosmo stog, closing out what has been a phenomenal and hilarious week. Thanks everyone for reading, commenting, tweeting and telling your friends. I had an absolute blast!

And of course the biggest of thanks has to go out to Andy who was the driving force behind all of this. As long as he's kicking, you never know when something like this might pop up again...

17 Responses to "NOR/WAC Cosmo: The Vlog."

  1. Maxie Says:

    Best question: obvy poop on finger one. like yeah.

    Now i have a boner, thanks.

  2. Andy Says:

    I've been wanting to do a fake Cosmo for some time now, if only I knew I could do a much better job. Once Ben agreed to do it with me, it was guaranteed gold.

    Now we just have to figure out where to go from here. Should we sell subscriptions, Ben? Money to be made, if we can swindle people into thinking it's the real Cosmo.

  3. Megan Says:

    I have to disagree with Maxie and say that obviously my question about how to stop my boyf from getting all defensive and cranky when he screws up is the best one. I think that Ben will be able to help so many women with his sage answer to that question.

  4. jen - tsk Says:

    I may not even watch this vlog due to the little disclaimer about my questions. Ben, how can this be? I'm deeply saddened that I may never know where to get my new bikini from, and seriously, the gonorrhoea question was of extreme importance! There were even pictures people!!

    note the real reason I've not watched it is because my work PC dislikes videos! Clearly my question would've won, but as I don't think it's featured I'm going with the poop on a finger question that I haven't heard...but I'm going with it because its Miss Maxie!

  5. Marie Says:

    I vote poop question.

    How is it you don't have your own show yet?

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Nobody needs pants and I've totally thought of the icicle thing before! Great minds think alike.

    And I'm going with my question about the taste of semen only because you used the phrase "get away from that volcano before it goes off." ...Some of us like a good eruption down the throat, okay? (I cannot believe I just said that.)

    P.S. The accompanying music is fab.

  7. Tia Says:

    is it bad that i just watched this on mute going "BENNY I MISS BENNY TINY DOG LOOK IT'S GUNCLE BENNY!"?

    cuz i did.

  8. blue-eyed brunette Says:

    Best part of the video (besides your hair. how long did you spend on that? it has just the right amount of swoopy-mohawk-to-the-left-but-still-messy look to it. well done.) is when you scrunched up your face and said "um rubber sheets?" like you were thinking "ew. effing gross!"

    Love We Are Cosmo. Thanks for it!

  9. Clairebear Says:

    lol rubber sheets. love it
    (note: because Im bored, the answer to that question is, its more than likely not pee, but femal ejaculation. It exists. Just sayin...but rubber sheets would work either way lol)

    I adore you. Can I say that? coz I do.

  10. Jill Pilgrim Says:

    My questions were the best. I will accept an ice shank in lieu of a cosmo subscription if that works for you.

  11. Andy Says:

    This also makes me want to buy some rubber sheets. Not for sexy time, but just to sleep on them.

  12. *~Dani~* Says:

    The icicle theory may or may not have been explored in the book The Lovely Bones.

    "hope it was good or rubber sheets?" classic!

    word verification - waftsn (as in WTF, son?)

  13. Ben Says:

    Maxie: Don't use 'poop' and 'boner' in the same comment.

    Andy: Ohhh my...wouldn't it be nice to actually make money off of these things?

    Megan: I apologize to your boyfriend in advance.

    Jen: I know. I know. It was a massive failure all round in We Are Cosmo HQ.


    Tia: I love you so much. How fierce is my hair though? Seriously.

    Blue-eyed Brunette: I'm not even kidding...that's morning hair. I managed to fluke that at 7am in the morning and it lasted until 6pm when I filmed this. BEST DAY EVER. I'm so glad someone noticed.

    Clairebear: You CAN say that!

    Jill: I'll see what I can do.

    Andy: Mmmmm sticky.

    Dani: Really? I haven't read it!

  14. Ms. Salti Says:

    "Withhold sex, it's the Cosmo way." I love it! The vlog was great!

    And I love that Tia calls you Guncle Benny!

  15. Alessandra Says:

    This is just mind blowing. I loved it! I became a fan and can't wait to the next one.

    My favorite questions were the poop on finger and also the pee after the orgasm...your answer was gold.

  16. omchelsea Says:

    that's used rubber sheets in a good, sticky way, right?

  17. Aritza, Goddess of .. Says:

    Puahahaha, you're hilarious :) get away from that volcano before it goes off ! Haha. There's no better time to say it I guess, I'm so proud to be related to you (we share the same last name) ;) It's true !

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